Packing For London and Paris: How to do it all in a carry on

What’s up!   Long time no talk! I have a fun post for today.  The hubs and I have been planning a trip to London and Paris for about 8 months and we are a week and a half away from leaving!  Anyone who knows me, remembers what happened last time I packed for a big trip.  It was my honeymoon, 2 weeks in Italy from Lake Como to the Amalfi coast during October.  I packed it all in a carry on.  You heard me, ONE CARRY ON BAG FOR TWO WEEKS IN ITALY IN THE FALL.  It was insane and I was literally packed 4 months ahead of time because I am a crazy person.  Because of this, I have had a bunch of people ask me to help them pack and figure out what to wear for trips.  Since this is my first big trip since the Honeymoon I thought I would share some tips with you all.  So here we go!

First I should let you know the itinerary and the coordinating outfits I picked to go along with it.

Friday: Fly out of Chicago to London on an Overnight Flight (wear leggings and comfy top)

Saturday: Arrive in London at 8:25 am. Land, check into the hotel, change clothes, eat and then head to the British Museum from there, go to the British Library for the rest of the afternoon.  Then dinner at the Thirsty Bear (a burger pub).

image image_1

Sunday: Tower of London to see the crown jewels, do a beefeater tour then go to the Temple Church and possibly see Buckingham Palace after that.  Then dinner with friends that evening.

image_2 image_3

Monday: Visit Westminster Abbey and Churchill War Rooms. Then see the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square followed by dinner with another friend.


Tuesday: Get up early and go to St. Pauls Cathedral and climb the Dome.  Then head to the train station for Paris! Then spend the evening in Paris.

image_5 image_8

Wednesday: Walk to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees then walk to the Musee L’Orangerie, grab a bite to eat then head to the Louvre then finish at O Chateau for a Tour de France wine tasting with cheese and charcuterie.

image_6 image_10

Thursday: Leave the hotel early and begin at the Orsay Museum then walk over to the Rodin Museum.  After that, walk to the Army Museum and take a tour.  Then walk along the Rue Cler and have a tour at the Eiffel Tower followed by dinner near the Eiffel Tower

image_13  image_7

Friday: Do the Rick Steves Audiotour of Historic Paris and see Notre Dame, Archeological crypt, Deportation Memorial, Latin Quarter, Sainte Chappelle and the Conciergerie.  End at the Pont Neuf bridge.  Take a Siene River Cruise then walk along the left bank and have dinner.

image_9 image_11

Saturday: Versailles all day and then dinner in Paris

image_12 image_14

Sunday: Walk around the Montmartre area and see the Sacre Couer and the Moulin Rouge.  Then hang out around town and eventually find a spot to watch then end of the tour de france on the Champs Elysee.

image_15 image_16

Monday: Fly Home 😦

So here is everything I am bringing:


Let me tell you how I did it, there are a few essentials you need to do this.

Travel Steamer

Great Carry On

Lightweight Fabric Tote

Compression Bags

Flight 001 Underwear size SpacePak

Now see how the magic happened:

image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image_9 image_10 image_11

26 thoughts on “Packing For London and Paris: How to do it all in a carry on

    • That is probably the best organizing, best tips, plus greatest wardrobe choices for traveling EVER!!!! Can’t wait to read about your trip when you get back. You were meant to be a travel writer!!!

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  2. first of all — extremely helpful! i just did 2 weeks in europe in a carry on and wish i had visited your page first!

    second, What jeans are those in the first picture? they look like they have a very comfortable waste band!

  3. Wow! I love all the different outfit combinations. Where did you find that cute black blazer? And also is the outfit from “Wednesday” a black sweater or cardi? Thanks!

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  5. What a great post! Thank you for sharing your experience and packing tips. Would you mind telling us where you got those two pairs of flat sandals? The one in kind of a blush color and the other a metallic gray? What beautiful neutral colors that look comfy to wear while sightseeing. Thanks!

  6. You have put my packing to shame. I love this post! So glad I found your blog! My husband and I are heading to London in a month and this is just what I needed to help me pack. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  7. Can you give any more info on your crossbody bag? Brand and style? I really would love a bag like that for my upcoming trip to Europe! Thanks!

  8. Truly amazing. You have a packing gift. I am going to the same places plus a few more for 3 weeks. Do you use a vacuum to suck the air out? Was there anything that you didn’t bring, but wish you would have?

    • Hi Debbie, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I actually bought the bags that allow you push the air out by rolling them. I needed something I could unpack and repack since we were going to multiple locations. I actually used everything on there, the only thing I missed was bringing more than one mini bottle of conditioner. Other than that it was great! Have a great trip!

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