Hi! Welcome to Sequins and Scotch.  This is a blog about many things from fashion mishaps to how to host a dinner party for 5 people under $20 (yes, that can be done).  I wanted a place to put things that inspire me or that make me just a teensy bit more productive outside of my fulltime job.  I am not saving the world through doing this, I know, but at least it makes me feel like I have a life outside of the workday.

Basically, I needed something to keep me in check because my complete addiction to television is slowly turning me into someone who doesn’t know how to “go play outside” anymore or use my imagination, which used to be pretty big.

This is my alternative to being a couch potato. Cooking, drinking, crafting, cleaning, organizing and judging celebrities outfit choices are all ways that my time can be much better spent.

So here it goes…wish me luck!


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