Instagram weekend…just add water!


This weekend was just a whole lot of nothing. Really fun, great, nothing I should add but nonetheless, it was rather uneventful. It has been a really, REALLY long time since I haven’t had some kind of event going on, family in town, holidays, traveling, more family in town, or party to plan. So this weekend, I was busy doing nothing. I added a few touches to my apartment, went to Barney’s with my aunt for lunch, picked out a new hot pink lipstick, did some more shopping, moved a ton of furniture, tried a grapefruit, tried a beer called “Hite” at our neighbors house, played outside in 20 degree weather with a little marshmallow puppy named Jasper, helped a friend style an outdoor Valentine themed photo shoot, fell on my face in the snow and had a good laugh, and finally got absolutely no sleep.

I have a problem with sitting still, clearly. I need to really rethink my definition of “doing nothing” because until I started writing it all down, I really actually felt like I had a relaxing, uneventful weekend. Whoa. Just goes to show you that writing a blog will reveal things you never knew about yourself.

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