Meals Schmeals, how about emeals!?

photo (66)I was sitting at my desk one day, minding my own business when all of a sudden, the guy that sits next to me pulls out the most amazing looking flat iron steak salad. I mean that thing looked GOOD. So, naturally, I asked him who made that, him or his wife. To my surprise, he did. Then he started telling me about THE most awesome thing I have ever heard of.


Apparently, it’s pretty popular. Basically you get an email once a week with a dinner menu with 7 full meals with the recipes. You also get a full detailed and organized shopping list so that you dont forget anything AND they like to use a bunch of the same ingredients throughout the week so you can save money on your shopping. You pick what kind of menu you want to subscribe to whether its, clean eating, classic meals, simple gourmet, gluten free, vegetarian, the paleo diet, low fat, low carb, and more. They send you something that looks like this:

photo (67)

So after looking at it and seeing how awesome it was, I had to sign up! I even got lucky and found a Groupon for it. $29 for a full year of dinners!! Pretty sweet, huh? Am I crazy or is this awesome?

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