I TOTES love Le Tote

I signed up for, Le Tote  last month because I kept hearing about it on blogs or in the news so I thought I would give it  a try.  They market themselves as the “Netflix for Clothes” but there are a ton of reasons why this is awesome.

  • It satisfies my urge to shop because let’s face it, I NEVER actually have time to shop
  • When I do get to shop, you would think that I have never seen a store before and I go completely wild and spend all of my money which then forces me to eat ramen noodles and stay home for two weeks until I get paid again. This forces me to STAY in a budget because you pay $49.95 a month no matter how many totes you get.
  • I live in a big city and I have ONE tiny closet that I have to SHARE with my husband.  This results in a logistical nightmare practically every time I buy something.  It saves me from the, “but where is it going to go?” conversation.

I got my first tote the day I was leaving for christmas and it had three items of clothing and two accessories.  Because I was flying home that day, I only took one photo.  It is hard to tell exactly what everything is but here is what was in the tote:

photo (2)

  • A really cute cropped chunky striped sweater (which I wore to death)
  • An awesome light pink silk blouse that I wore to work AND out to dinner
  • A sparkly party dress (you know how I feel about anything shiny)
  • Earrings to go with the sparkly dress AND blouse
  • The softest cable knit scarf I have ever felt

Pretty awesome for a first try at it.  I also got a personalized note from the girl who curated my pieces instructing me to email her personally if there was anything in particular that didn’t fit, or that I didn’t like, so she could adjust my next shipment. So, after I wore everything, which was about a week and a half, I sent everything back in the prepaid envelope they sent me.  I then got another shipment a week later with another round of pieces.  Here is what the second shipment had:

DSC_0122 DSC_0129 DSC_0125 DSC_0126 DSC_0127

The sweater dress was obviously worn ALL weekend on our wisconsin ski trip.  I wore it with a peach slip under it and leggings.  It was nice because it wasn’t itchy like a lot of sweater dresses can be.  It needed a belt though to give me some shape.

I plan on wearing the dress this week to work with tights, boots, and a cardigan. Not something you can really mess up, wouldn’t you say?

The top is an interesting material.  It is a really soft thin jersey fabric with sheer sleeves.  Not something I would have bought myself per se, but  I think I’ll be able to swing it with a hot pink pencil skirt and the emerald colored earrings they sent me.

The only piece I can live without is the bracelet, it’s just boring.  But 4 outta 5 ain’t bad eh?

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