Happy World Nutella Day!

Yes, it is a real holiday.  You can see that it even has its own official website!  Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso started this whole gigSo, this is serious business. All I could think about was what kind of Nutella treats should I conjure up.  There is one problem though.  Our oven is broken.  It has been broken for two weeks while we wait and wait for the repair men to figure out whats wrong, remember the parts, put the parts in the oven, take a break….you get the picture.  So here I am, just getting home from work at almost 8 pm.  No oven. No time. No clue.  When I remember that I saw a blog post about a cookie in a cup over at No. 2 Pencil.  I wanted to try something similar so BEHOLD!  My Nutella Coownie (cookie/brownie?) with marshmallows in a cup.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was trying to make here.  But I tried, and it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself, its like an ooey-gooey cookie cake.  


Here’s how its done:

1.5 tablespoons sugar

1.5 tablespoons flour

1 egg yolk (discard the whites)

2 teaspoons chocolate chips

1 tablespoon butter

1 hefty tablespoon nutella

Stir the butter and yolk together, then add the Nutella, then the dry ingredients.  Stir it all up with a fork then stick it in the microwave for about 1 minute and 40 seconds, or until it looks like a brownie and then BOOM! Happiness in a jar!

***You will notice that I had made a few additions to this basic recipe.  I added a half of a ripe banana and then added marshmallows on top.  Next time, Im going to ditch the banana and instead of marshmallows, I would just add marshmallow fluff to the finished product.

IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2993

One thought on “Happy World Nutella Day!

  1. Your oven repair adventures reminded me of the fun times we had when we were renovating last month. We had the clown act of contractors, I tell ya.

    I was almost going to post a link to my absolute fave Nutella recipe (Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Cookies) but realized that would be a cruel thing to do to someone who is oven-less. At least when it comes to Nutella, the bake-less options are endless: straight out of the pot, smothered onto a banana, mixed into icecream, on toast… but mainly just straight out of the pot 🙂

    Be Ready Bravely

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