5 Friday Faves

Welcome to 5 Friday Favorites.  On Fridays I want to send you off with a few things look at over the weekend, whether it be blogs, articles, websites for shopping etc.  As you have probably noticed I don’t post on Saturdays and Sundays, mainly because it gives me time to stay caught up.  SOOOO, here we go:

Lifestyle Blogs! “Lifestyle Blog” is a term that is thrown around pretty loosely.  I define it as a blog that talks about at least 3-4 different topics regularly.  A lot of them involve a little bit of cooking, little bit of DIY, sometimes humor and usually some form of story telling. Here are just a few of  the blogs that I read that talk about all of the above:

1. A Beautiful Mess


2. Erin Ever After


3. No. 2 Pencil


4. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


5. Scrapper in the City



Another thing I love, which is not a blog, but related to blogs, is Bloglovin’.  It is hands down the best app for keeping track of blogs.  It puts all of the posts from all of the blogs you read into a “newsfeed” type of format so you can browse all of the blogs that you actually like.  Pretty sweet!!!

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