The Bachelorette

No, not that bachelorette.  I am not here to talk about Emily Maynard or anything else related to the television show, which in my opinion bores me to tears.  I am talking about a REAL bachelorette.  I have to say that bachelorette parties are super fun. I have only been to two, mine and one other persons, so I am no expert.  But so far, I have yet to meet a bachelorette party I didn’t like.

As a bridesmaid, one of my duties was to help plan and execute the bachelorette party for one of my dear friends who is getting married NEXT weekend (9 days!!!!!).  We did a painting party at Bottles and Bottega from 6-9 where we served wine and champagne as well as dinner from Maggianos.  We played games, we painted a male model, had a few laughs, and that was only the beginning.  Then we took a party bus all over the place and finally landed at the Baton Show Lounge for a drag show who’s highlights include the most amazing Beyonce impersonator and a Lady Gaga performance.  (Sadly, we were not allowed to take ANY pics inside but it was a sight to see, let me tell you.)  It was easily one of the most fun nights EVER.  I wanted to share with you guys though the super easy bachelorette party game we came up with.


Many of you have heard of 20 questions, right?  Well we created a little printout and had each guest fill it out upon arrival.  They had to answer all twenty questions about the bride and groom. After everyone had finished we called the bride up to the front of the room and had her give her answers to each question.  There was a twist too; we had a stealth bridesmaid pre-record all of the groom’s answers to the questions before so we could play them as the bride answered them herself.  We needed to compare the answers right?!  If your answer matched the bride or the groom’s answer you get a point.  Because we punched holes in each sheet before guests started filling it out, we were able to (quickly) make a cute little book for the bride after we played to take home as a keepsake.  For the cover, I just used two pieces of cardstock cut to size and the left over scraps from punching all of those holes in the striped pages.  I tied it all together with ribbon and called it a day!

Click here to download the free word file for the 20 Questions template.

photo (6) photo (7) photo (3) photo (5)


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