Freshen Up, its Fashion Week.

Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion week that is.  This is a HUGE time for celebrity stylists because awards season is upon us. Many of the gowns debuting this week may already be on a plane to Los Angeles to be fitted to the glittery likes of Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain and the like.  My favorite website to track the shows right now is Fashionising.  It is perfect for just browsing through all of the photos of each show.

Key take aways from the shows so far:

OPAL- every show was showing really soft opalescent colors, lavenders, creams, golds, beiges, soft whites.

RED- most of the shows I was looking at were using red as their main pop of color on the runway.

B&W- looks good on everyone but it’s fresh for springtime which is usually inundated with color, this year seems to be more muted.

SHEER- Apparently this is not going away anytime soon but it does look like they are finally starting to make some sense out of it.

SPARKLE and TEXTURE- Obviously!  It IS Haute Couture….

Here are some of my favorite moments so far:

Alexis Maibille

alexismabille2 Alexismabille1 alexis-mabille5 alexis-mabille4 alexis-mabille3


chanel6 chanel5 chanel3 chanel2 chanel1

Christian Dior

christiandior dior3  christiandior4 christiandior2

Elie Saab

elie-saab1 elie-saab6 elie-saab5 elie-saab4 elie-saab3 elie-saab2

Eric Tabusch

eric-tibusch5 eric-tibusch4 eric-tibusch3 eric-tibusch2 eric-tibusch1

Georges Hobeika

georges-hobeika5 georges-hobeika4 georges-hobeika3 georges-hobeika2 georges-hobeika1

Giambattista Valli

giambattista-valli1 giambattista-valli2 giambattista-valli3

Giorgio Armani Prive

giorgio-armani-prive1 giorgio-armani-prive4 giorgio-armani-prive3 giorgio-armani-prive2

Stephane Roland

stephane-rolland2 stephane-rolland1 stephane-rolland3 stephane-rolland4


valentino1 valentino3 valentino2 valentino3 valentino4 valentino5 valentino6 valentino7

Versace Atelier

versace-atelier1 versace-atelier2 versace3 versace4

5 thoughts on “Freshen Up, its Fashion Week.

  1. Love the new styles. Dior and Elie Saab are my favorites. What’s up with the pink flowing tuxedo on the guy in the Eric Tabusch collection?

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