You get what you give

I have been in a serious crafting mood.  I don’t know if it is because I just feel like I need to have a little quiet time or if it is because I am in between books, (definitely needed a break after The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) or if it is because I need a creative outlet because I am getting stir crazy because of the winter blues, or what.  Either way, I have felt strangely productive lately because of it, even though it means my apartment is a post crafting mess now.  I have mostly been making little things for people, engagement gifts, going away gifts, bachelorette party stuff, you name it.  Here are a few little things I whipped together in the last week, they are pretty easy to do and inexpensive.

Going away gift for a coworker:

I had a friend of mine leave the company I work for.  She was always such a fun person to be around and even though I know I will still see her, I am still sad she wont be a few desks away anymore.  So I picked up a blue nail file and cobalt blue nail polish and attached a little blue card that I had everyone sign that said “We’ll be so blue without you.” Just a little token to let her know that she will be missed.

IMG_2643                       IMG_2645

Quick engagement gift:

One of my good friends got engaged at our New Years Eve party this year if you remember the post from Shindig’s blog.  He proposed to her on our outdoor patio with the city lights all around and he had flowers and champagne and obviously a big ole’ shiny ring.  Well the champagne was consumed, and the ring was put on her finger but sadly her flowers were left in our apartment. I knew I wasn’t going to see her for another week or so and I felt bad just tossing her flowers so I made her a little memento from the night. I hung the flowers to dry and let them dry out for a few weeks.  The.  I pulled off a bunch of petals from each type of flower and put them inside of an empty glass ornament. I had bought a bunch at Michael’s around the holidays and they definitely came in handy.  I just put some petals and some glitter on there, then topped it off with a bow and wrote the date on it.  I can’t wait to give this to her!

photo (12)                       IMG_2708

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