Impromptu Dinner Party!

My friend hosted a little shindig for three couples last night.  One confession I have to make is that I truly and completely detest grown up vegetables.  I can never figure out what it is about them that I hate, but tomatoes, zucchini green beans, and  things like that make me cringe.  Last night my darling friend made a dish from her Jerusalem Cookbook.  I dont know what it was called but it was basically pita with burnt eggplant (on purpose, apparently it’s a thing), tomatoes and cucumber with a little lemon and cilantro.  Topped off with hard boiled egg and a really yummy tahini sauce.  I.WAS.TERRIFIED.  I was really sweating bullets but I didn’t want to be rude because it looked like a fairly complicated dish to make AND  it’s just rude to go to a dinner party and not eat the host’s food!  I ended up confessing my fear of vegetables to my dear friend and she just laughed and said I needed to try three bites.  Its the only way you can actually decide if you like something or not.  The first bite is never a good litmus test for anything.  So there I was, mortified that I was being so childish, and I took my three bites.  I have to say, it was pretty good.  Now I am not going to go run out and eat every eggplant I see, but I am glad they made me stretch.  Don’t get me wrong, my friend is a great cook so, if I am ever going to try something like that, it’s going to be from her kitchen.  I just need to expand my horizons. Live a little.

photo (60) photo (59) photo (61)

Can we just talk about the fact that there are place cards for each of us?  CUUUUTE! Then topping everything off was an ice cold cordial glass full of fresh homemade limoncello (recipe coming soon!)

photo (56) photo (57) photo (58)

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