The Best and Worst of The Golden Globes

Let’s talk about the Globes!  I LOVE awards season.  It is almost like the cliff-notes for fashion week.  I have picked my faves and my foes before reading any opinions online.  Here it goes:

The Faves:

katherinemcphee islafischer taylorswift

Katherine McPhee: Amazing black gown.  I love the deep v and the high side slit but only someone with her body could wear it.  I also love the kind of edgy, messy bun and smokey eye she’s got going on.  Smoldering.

Isla Fischer: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for any nude/blush/cream/white sparkly dress.  However, I love that she is sort of playing with the sheer look which was all over the red carpet.  It is a classic way to wear such a trend.

Taylor Swift: Thank GOD someone made her stop trying to look like she was a little girl.  I was seriously getting tired of the “OMG I’m SOO excited for prom!” look that she was doing every year at these things.  It’s nice to see her is something so sophisticated.  Our girl is growing up!

sarahhyland haydenpanettiere jenniferlawrence

Sarah Hyland:  This is a good peplum look.  I also love the bombshell hair she has going on.  Usually she does an updo but this makes her look all grown up.  She beat out Sophia Vergara for me.

Hayden Panettiere- Again with the nude sparkle, but what I really like about this, is the shape of the dress.  The mermaid cut isn’t too mermaid-ey, I do wish she would have done more with her hair, maybe curl it or something?  Either way, she’s a babe in this dress.

Jennifer Lawrence- Red is definitely her color.  Does anyone else remember the red Calvin Klein number she wore to the Oscars last year? I really loved everything about it.  The belt sort of modernizes the red ball gown look and I love the structure on the top of the gown.

jessicaalba jlo adelegoldenglobes

Jessica Alba:  YUM! I adore this color on her.  I think her accessories are smart too, I feel like she could have played up the colorful card and wore some turquoise or jade jewelry but instead stuck with white diamonds which keeps this color as relevant to January as it is going to get.

JLo:  Okay,  I have a feeling some of you are going to completely disagree but here is why I like this.  A lot of the sheer looks this year are working with black and nude.  Which is really great for shaping the body and creating curves.  However, you need one helluva body to wear this number and JLo has it.  I think the sleeves keep it classy, without them she might look too naked.

Adele: Always on point.  Except for her shopping outfits but she’s a new mom so I’ll cut her some slack there.   But speaking of being a new mom, she looks fantastic and really picked a dress that was flattering on her.  I also loved her hair.  That updo was outta control.

kellyosbourne sallyfield clairedanes

Kelly Osbourne: LOVE LOVE LOVE this green color, especially with the purple hair.  Again, I am not a huge fan of the peplum trend, but if you are going to do it THIS is how it is done.

Sally Field:  Please, please, please ,Baby Jesus, let me look like this when I am 66 years old.  This is AMAZING.  The color the cut, its fresh and even (dare I say) sexy on her.  What a knockout!

Claire Danes:  HELLO!!! This woman gave birth LESS THAN A MONTH AGO.  She is outta control in this dress, from all angles.  I even made my husband get up to come look at her. The color, the little wrap to the side, the slit, the top, OMG.  Baby Jesus, if you are still listening after the Sally Field request, can you also let me look like this on month after having a baby?  K thanks.


arielwinter halleberry jessicachastain

Ariel Hunter: WHAT season/decade do you think you are in now?  Do you know how old you are?  Who did this to you?  This could have been cute for, say, a Modern Family viewing party, or a dinner meeting, or an interview.  This is not cute for January OR the Golden Globes.

Halle Berry: WHY?  It looks like Ed Hardy has decided to make a dress line. No No No….

Jessica Chastain:  I wanted to love this, I really did.  She is gorgeous and a crazy talented actress.  But this dress does nothing for her.  The color is gorgeous and I think I would have loved the gown if it didn’t have those ridiculous pleats on the front.  It’s just too voluminous on top AND bottom.  Not good.

juliannehough Kristenbell lenadunham

Julianne Hough- Listen, I wanted to like this too, but it’s just too much.  That’s coming from ME!! This is what I would have imagined Avril Lavigne wearing to prom, with hightop sneakers. It’s not so much the dress as it is the styling.  The punk hair and all that is just, whoa.

Kristen Bell- Death by sequins.  It literally looks like a sequin rash broke out on her dress and is trying to choke her. I get that she is pregnant and that there are limited options but there had to have been something better than this.

Lena Dunham- Come on girl!  You are awesome, can’t you just ask someone before dressing yourself? This dress is just WAY too matronly.  It looks like she went shopping in Helen Miren’s closet for this!

Lucyliu MayimBialik   siennamiller

Lucy Liu-  This.Dress.IS. Humongous.  I am okay with the shape, and it fits her nicely but the only thing that big that should be covered in flowers is a chuppah.  Or Bjork.

Mayim Bialik: Lose the sleeves and maybe wear a better color for your skin tone.  I can see why she thought this was pretty, it just isn’t pretty on her.  It looks almost matronly with the sheer sleeves and top.  Without that I think I would like this a lot more.

Sienna Miller:  I know you just played Tippy Hedren in a TV movie but you ARE NOT TIPPY.  Also, when you buy a pair of earrings wear one on each ear!  It does not make sense to have one ear naked and the other ear with 5 earrings in it.  Sienna is beautiful but really the golden globes is not a summer luncheon.  It would have been a much cuter outfit had it been season appropriate and had it not tried to be so formal.  Hem the skirt and wear it as a little summer suit.  Done.

What were your faves and foes?

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