So Now What?

Well hello there!  I am starting this blog because I have too much in my head that needs somewhere to go.  I want to write about projects and inspirations so I can keep everything in one place.

2013. Whoa that came fast.  We started it all off with a bang at our awesome NYE party.  There was a proposal (for real) a photobooth, lots of sequins and even some scotch.  You can check it out over at Shindig.  For now though, I want to start off with my out with the old, in with the new projects.  January is a good time for organizing a bit so I thought I would start small with all the Christmas cards we got this year.  I feel bad throwing them away and I like to display them as part of my holiday decorating.

I went from this:

photo (2) To this:

photo (1)

Not bad eh?  Here is what you need to do it:

  • Scissors
  • string to tie
  • book rings
  • hand held hole punch
  • sparkly cardstock (Michaels)
  • christmas cards
  • pretty paper to label the year

Heres how I did it in photos:

photo (1) 2

Start out with all of your supplies then take one of your smaller cards and punch to holes on either end.  Use this same card as a template, put it on top of each new card and punch the holes in the same place so that they all have holes the same distance apart.

photo (2) 2 photo (3) photo (5)

Once you do that, take the biggest card you have and use it to cut out a piece of the sparkly paper. Then put the book ring through the top hole of each card.  Then put the second ring through the bottom holes.  Tie it up with some ribbon or string and add your little tag.

photo (6) photo (7) photo (9) photo (10)


photo (11)

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